Retail link building

Retail is a challenging area for SEO. Offline, customers have high expectations and low brand loyalty. Online these characteristics are magnified tenfold because of the ease of price comparison and review sites. While this might provide chances for new brands to setup and get market share, it makes preserving that market share more difficult.
Retail does offer some excellent opportunities to implement an SEO campaign to increase visibility and sales. Big sites with lots of pages and decent Domain Authority just need to be steered in the right direction.

Here are some ideas I’ve used in the past:

Voucher codes for links

Providing an incentive for links usually speeds up the acquisition process, why not offer a unique discount code in return for a link from a website?

Viral review pages

Some review pages can end up being very amusing. Witness the amazing Tuscan milk reviews, the Jonathan Ross’s brother’s picture canvas, the famous Veet for men reviews along with a handful of other crass, wonderful and random reviews. Ideal fodder for social media channels, I wouldn’t expect much revenue or conversion from this, but is far more sharable than typical boring content.

Product reviews to bloggers

Sending products to selected bloggers is a good way to get your product out and incentivise a blogger to review a product and link back to your site. I’ve also found this to be a good way to get a load of “branded” links to camouflage any over optimised link building done in the past too.

Sample reviews to bloggers

Some companies might want to send a sample of their product rather than the full blown item. A flooring company might want to send samples to specific bloggers for example.

Jobs on university sites

An easy way to get a link from a high value university domain is to advertise a suitable job on the university site. Many universities now used a closed off system which hides jobs behind a login so this needs to be taken into account.

Local search optimisation on stores

Many stores have easy link building opportunities that they just aren’t aware of. A big chain of stores will probably have untapped opportunities to naturally build links. Local shopping centres often have dedicated websites listing the retail shops located there, asking these for a link is a quick easy way to get a relevant link.

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