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“3 quotes today? You’re on fire. I’m thinking of firing my AdWords team with immediate effect!” Jerry, Clean360.

Welcome to – we have been providing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for clients in Derby as well as our own projects on a National level for several years now.

We’re based right next to the River Derwent in Derbyshire but serve the whole of Derbyshire

Email or call 01332 417 908 for your free SEO consultation today and see what opportunities could be in store for your business!

The company is separated into two separate divisions.

One side deals with all client projects and the service aspect of the business.

The other deals with websites we own that we make money from through SEO and other marketing strategies.

Why Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

We chose SEO as our main business focus because we have seen firsthand the amount of money that can be generated through this special service.

As described above – we have made money ourselves from SEO, not just for our clients.

Additionally, we feel we have a fresh approach to SEO. Many people involved in this space have their focus on the wrong thing.

We are focused on the most important aspect of marketing within business: increasing revenue.

With the number of people using Google, Bing and Yahoo to buy products and services only increasing, this service acts as a phenomenal method in driving sales and income to your business.

When you approach us about marketing and SEO we look at the best ways for you to maximise your ROI with us.

For some clients this means working in partnership, buying leads from us and other varieties of options.

Again – we are revenue focused and know that the more we can make for our clients means the more we can make as a company in return. 

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Why Do We Provide SEO in Derby?

Although we help clients all over the UK and the world, Derby is a massive area with so much potential for us to help people with their SEO. 

Helping more people with SEO means creating more revenue for our clients.

The 2011 census deemed that Derby’s population was 248,700 and we are sure this number is only rising.

Since 1977, Derby became a city and one of the major cities in England. If you are from this area, we would love to help you too!

Consistent first page results

In most any type of “natural”, “organic” or “earned” SEO the first page of results (on Google) for the best search term(s) related to your product/service + areas you serve is going to be the place where you can make the most money through the search engine.

The higher you are on that front page will usually result in more clicks.

There are of course other factors but this is a good general rule.

We have a wide range of industries’ websites on the first page of Google with many heading the number one spot.

All of these websites look like the most trusted and expert businesses in their industry resulting in an influx of business every single month.

Companies that just want to do a ‘little bit of SEO’ or just a set amount of months offer that because they know that many clients think that is what they need.

What you need is to be in the position in the search engines that makes you the most money.

Creating an SEO proposal against a businesses’ needs is not as simple as giving you ‘X’ service, crossing the fingers and praying it works.

Our approach is not to get you results in an unrealistic timeframe either.

We have removed all of the tasks in SEO which we deem to not move the needle.

Now we only perform the most needle moving tasks at the appropriate times to get you to profitable Google positions as fast as possible.

Providing accurate estimations of expected result times is also not a problem for us.

A perceived downside of SEO is the amount of time it takes to get to a profitable position in Google.

Although, yes, SEO almost always takes months to implement (not always though), the lasting effects of this strategy can be obscenely powerful.

There aren’t many marketing strategies that you can do for a set period of time (let’s say 6 months) that could keep such a powerful advert (your website) in such a powerful place (where people go to look for your service!).

All that would be required once this first page is achieved is maintenance.

That is a powerful service! If anything, most of our clients complete one profitable SEO campaign and want to expand onto the next one – be that a new service/product or location.



There are many amateurs in this game and we do not want to give away all of our strategies on this webpage to anyone and everyone.

As mentioned above, we combine strategies that move the needle the most in the quickest timeframe.

However, we are not saying that we do not incorporate the known basics of SEO like content writing, blogging, good ‘on-page’, website speed, mobile optimisation, link building, 301 redirects and so on.

Mostly, our strategy is bespoke.

In almost every case we would say that the approach has to be bespoke with SEO.

These ‘one size fits all 2 month’ programs probably won’t fit the results you need.

You’ll need a specific bespoke strategy that lays out the result your business needs, a fair price given this target and an accurate timeframe give the work involved.

Website design

Being SEO professionals means we are working on websites every single day.

The first thing we learnt in this space was how to correctly design websites.

Now this skill works in conjunction with SEO as we can tailor websites we create or work on to convert your favourite customers in the way you want them to be converted (perhaps a phone call to you and the customer making the phone call with a specific mindset or request in mind).

Our designs translate to all of the popular platforms like WordPress, HTML and so on.

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Web development

Development is simply an extension of design.

Development means to actually build and maintain the web application whereas design means to decide how the website/page/application should look.

Our team are extremely competent at everything development.

Our revenue focused company wouldn’t be able to provide such a stellar and complete web service without being able to make websites in house.

Many aspects of SEO depend on development.

For example, in May 2015 mobile search surpassed desktop search. Clients with old websites that approach us needing SEO require development changes to improve their SEO.

Graphic design

We have clients that need graphic design on their website as well as other aspects of their marketing (logo, vans, business cards etc.).

We have in-house award winning designers that work on our graphics day in and day out. This includes everything you could visually need for your business.


Other marketing strategies we are involved in on a daily basis include things like Pay Per Click Google Ads (PPC), social media ads (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter), email marketing, content marketing and more. All of our Google Ads (PPC) is managed by a close partner of ours Affect Marketing Ltd in Nottingham. 

Again, we are focused on revenue.

If you called us for SEO – yet we analyse your business and realise you would massively benefit from an email campaign – we would simply explain this to you.

We will do what gets you the best results in terms of exposure and income.

So if you reading this in derby and require SEO reach out to our team and we can help you get the results you want.