Should I Ever Use Black Hat SEO Techniques?

We see supposedly reputable search engine optimisation companies employing black hat techniques for their clients all the time.

We are often scratching our heads – is it on purpose? Do they know this technique has been black hat for several years now? Are they just hoping Google won’t penalise them? 

That could be it.


Black hat techniques should be avoided at all cost

They can be deployed by accident. We take the opposite approach to some companies and actually try to learn black hat techniques. We want to do everything possible to avoid anything that Google would consider as black hat. We even see other SEO organisations in Derby using dirty black hat techniques on a regular basis.

Our white hat techniques are so strong and consistent that we want to do everything possible to stamp out any inkling that we are somehow trying to game Google.

People forget that we are working with Google, not against it. Google is facilitating a lot of the internet and so they are our partners on this venture.

We want to do everything in our power to ensure we are working within their guidelines. Of course, we are then going to maximise everything that they say is fine. This is to be expected. What we do not want to do is overstep the mark, ever.

Black hat techniques are generally spammy techniques. This is the last thing Google wants to do for its users. It wants to provide the best clean, informative set of results possible each time someone uses its services.

If someone suggests that any black hat technique they have is worth doing, do not believe them.


Because Google is only getting better and better at catching people out. Why risk it all? This is like professional fighters trying to use performance enhancing drugs. Most get caught as recently seen in the UFC when bringing in drug testing company USADA. Many were caught and their careers were ruined at the same time. It was all self inflicted.

Something similar would happen with your ranking optimisation if Google finds you are trying to cheat the game and enhance your performance. A UFC athlete gets a ban from the sport from anything to a year or more. If your clients’ website gets banned and you have them high on Google – it could take you a year to get them to the same place. You might even have to start a afresh on a new domain. Everything might have gone backwards and you could have been better off never trying to game the system.

AI will integrate with Google eventually and everything will be sniffed out at levels unfathomable to humans.


You see, this game of exposure/lead generation through the search engines is all about longevity.

True value of being at the top of Google is realised when sustained for a long period of time.

It is no good being there for a day, week or a month. If done correctly, you should be able to retain your position there for continuous months and years if you can keep up with the trends.

Employing black hat techniques is going to kill all of your longevity in this game.

How are you going to explain to your client, that is overjoyed at being number one on Google, they have disappeared now off the face of the Earth? They had just gotten used to the new enquiries! Now they are many months away from being at the same spot. Maybe your domain will be penalised to the point to not being able to rank well ever again. Clearly there is no longevity in it for you or clients that you use these unsafe tactics on.

Some of the things to avoid from the black hat world:

Avoid any sort of spammy techniques Google wants the best companies to rank highly. The companies that people actually want to link to. The ones that are actually getting good Google reviews. The best companies have the best websites, best content, lowest bounce rates, high amount of interaction, strong properties surrounding their website (Facebook profile etc.). Most of all, it is all done naturally. Companies don’t explode over night (usually). So Google will commend anyone doing excellent work naturally.

Not the company that started last week and now suddenly has 25 5* Google reviews. This is not how it works naturally so Google will pick you up for being a spam artist. Do not be a spam artist! Keep it natural.


There is a big misunderstanding about keywords. Now, we are not going to give away our exact formula for keyword usage and density – but we will say that people spam their keywords far too much. Filling up a page with the words you want to rank for is not natural. Google will pick it up a mile away and you will be sent to the black hole (aka page 10 and the unknown beyond). Keep it natural and don’t assume this is a battle about who can spam the ranking keyword the most.

Keep a natural balance between the amount of keywords you are using per other words on the rest of the page. Things like your H1 are going to give a good inclination of what you want the page to target anyway, so filling your paragraphs with random keywords won’t help you in Google’s eyes or a customer’s.

Paying for cheap industry services

You can find plenty of cheap SEO services online that will promise you the world. They will give you this PBN, that link, this backlink, that citation, these keywords, that indicator, this boost, that hack, this super red hot first page guarantee, this white hat blah blah.

Most of it is rubbish.

If any of these really cheap services you can find actually do boost your ranking it is going to be unnatural which is going to be black hat. Google will recognise the blatant manipulation, that you aren’t real and haven’t properly earned your striped and will banish you. Be gone!

Proper white hat techniques take time as they are not blatant and so harsh like the black hat techniques. By the way, it is likely you will be signed up to some spam link farm. You’re going to boost up but come down just as fast and hard. Be weary of the quick fix in this game. It does not really exist. Again, it is all about longevity – so focus on techniques that are natural and support longevity.

Go for the holy white hat

Get in touch with our team if you want real white hat techniques that have worked for years! Hopefully we have given enough information to show you that white hat vs black hat SEO is not even competitive. White hat is the holy grail of search engine optimisation. This is good work that Google recognises as being good, honest, hard work and supports you accordingly. These are going to be things like excellent links from local, relevant sources, excellent content that people are engaging with, good website structure (again, relevant and also organised), good usage of keywords and relevant keywords, good images, video content and more.

Just by looking at that list you can see it is logical what Google is trying to do. It wants to promote companies that are producing things of value and penalise those that are just trying to cheat their way to the top. Google will support you if you support them. How do you support them? By keeping people on Google! How do you keep people on Google? By answering search queries and creating excellent content/websites etc. that help the user. Help the user and Google will help you. Keep it natural. Keep it white hat. Stay away from the black hat and you will do well!

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