What We Learnt From Mark Wright’s SEO Presentation

We just enjoyed a good weekend at Grant Cardone’s 10X business boot camp.

We are always looking at ways we can grow our company and our clients’ companies. Investing in events like this presents that opportunity. You get to put yourself around business owners, people making money and other marketers that have their own ideas about generating leads for clients. Although we love providing SEO in Derby, you have to get out of your city every now and then and go to these things.

Money it to be used and we sure know how to use it. Not on fancy things, but things that can push our business further.

The main attraction was Grant Cardone who boasts £1 billion (£1,000,000,000!) in property assets under management. That is to say, he has all of those properties under management, in his name, but he still owes a fair amount back to the banks. He has no problem with this though as the rent from the apartments pays back the bank every month as well as covers costs and a little profit on top.

Mark Wright

However, we learnt the most from the popular tv show ‘The Apprentice’ season 10 winner Mark Wright. We didn’t even know he would be there…

Mark’s journey to being extremely wealthy as a result of digital marketing and property is nothing short of amazing.

He was a terrific speaker. Both funny, informative and charismatic. We managed to have a couple of conversations with him over the weekend when we could catch him on the sidelines. There was no doubt that he did not have to speak to us. We know him, he does not know us (although he should, we are coming for his SEO crown very shortly, which we made him aware of!). 

Always try and speak to people on a one to one basis when you can at these events. He probably did not want to, but they kind of have to expect it at events like this. Make the most of it.

He had some insightful tips for SEO that we took away from our private chat. Interestingly enough, the tips were not what he gave away in his digital marketing one hour mastermind.

Those tips are going to stay private as part of being an expert SEO is having an edge on the competition. We are not sure why Mark spilled the beans on a few things we wanted to confirm (some techniques we were using are in fact very powerful) but we are grateful considering he has more clients, websites, experience and therefore results than us.

Mark did a 1 hour mastermind on digital marketing. We wanted to do a write up of the main things we learnt from his talk related to SEO. There were other things mentioned but let’s keep it related to the search engines!

Firstly is that SEO is still king.

Mark uses loads of platforms but he loves Google. He wants to dominate Google, in his words. He is providing search engine optimisation for the likes of the Emirates in 7 figure contracts. If the Emirates spending 7 figures on Google work does not give you a clue on how important this service is, nothing will.

75% of Google clicks still run through the organic search. You have to be above the fold, though. This means being in the top 3 results in organic. All of the money is being in these top 3 results. Get to as many of these top 3 positions as possible for as many valuable search terms for your service (or product) in your area. The second page of Google is  relatively pointless unless you’re working with masses of search traffic.

To increase the amount of organic traffic you’re getting, get to the top of the ‘map pack’ too. These are the businesses that appear under the maps for any given search term. Get as many organic clicks as you can to make as much money through Google as possible!

SEO is always going to be “slow”

How can we speed it up? You can’t really. Getting to the top of Google is slow and it’s going to take time. All you can do to speed up the process is to use paid ads in the meantime. Paid ads obviously have their pros and cons like search engine optimisation but that is another story for another article. Go for Facebook ads, Google ads, whatever you have to use. One thing worth mentioning is that SEO should go to websites and save landing pages for paid ads. This is reasonably obvious as you can’t really rank a landing page. There isn’t the site structure nor is there the content in place. 

Mobile first

Your site needs to be mobile first. Google sees the trend of mobile domination so any sites that aren’t mobile optimised are being massively penalised. This one shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone in the industry. 

Most people make their websites for desktop first. In fact, this can be a great choice if people use a desktop to access your website. For things like home improvement, you can quite easily imagine a couple sitting down together to check out your website. However, a locksmith might get a lot of mobile visits, especially if people are locked out of their front door…!

Anyway, in the case of your niche/business/industry mostly being viewed from a desktop, you can make your website from a desktop view then just make sure to absolutely optimise it to mobile.

Use WordPress 

We were quite happy with Mark’s talk. He’s a killer in this field with thousands of clients and all the things we were hearing were matching up to what we do. 

So another tip was to use WordPress. WordPress is so easy to edit and optimising your website is going to take lots of updates and lots of changes. It’s no good dealing with custom code that you have to pay £1,000 for someone to change a function on. If you are a local business you need something simple that works and is designed to create leads. That is WordPress. 

Of course for those of you doing more complex software and websites, use whichever systems you are using. We are talking in what makes the most sense for getting your website to the top of Google alone. 

Back in the good old days we were doing all of our websites through HTML and CSS. This made for some interesting evenings spending plenty of time on things that take only a hot minute to take care of on WordPress.


Another hot fact for you is that roughly 11% of organic leads convert. With outbound strategies something more like 3% convert. If you can get high amounts of organic traffic on a converting website through your organic – you will get a good amount of sales. 

Everyone not involved in this industry probably wonders if you really CAN make money through Google and the answer is: of course.

People use Google to solve problems. You search for that locksmith. You want that new kitchen so you look at all of the local kitchen makers, what their finishes look like and so on. You mostly search for services in your area when you actually want them… There is so much money to be from Google that it is unfathomable.

Increasing conversion?

Increasing conversion is all about optimisation. You can use the app called Crazy Egg to track what people are doing on your website in real time. You can see which page people are falling off and alter that page. Great tip from Wright as we hadn’t heard of Crazy Egg specifically. 

This means, if people are leaving your website when they get to a specific page, you can make adaptions to get them moving to the next part of your site. Or if there was a specific button you wanted people to click to keep them moving through the journey of your website, you could make the button bigger and more appealing. You get the idea.

Lastly is that… it’s… it’s… 

It’s easy! Getting to the top of Google is not rocket science. It takes some dedication to the craft, time and money. Like a lot of things in this world – getting to the top of Google is not rocket science. Leave it to the professionals to do it for you. Hopefully you found our findings from Apprentice winner Mark Wright about SEO as useful as we did!

Get in touch if you want more inbound, converting enquiries on a daily and weekly basis! This is our skill and it really can turn your business upside down. If it cannot, we will simply tell you the expectations you can have for your business. We firmly believe that 80%+ businesses in the area would massively benefit from our services… This is true for virtually all local service-based businesses. People are looking for you on Google… They just can’t find you! Or they find you and can’t see good enough reasons to put a call in for you. Be found, make it easy to call and people will flood to you.

Thanks for reading. Expect to see us soon! 

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