Digital Marketing Derby

In this day and age, if you are not involved in digital marketing, your business could well erode away with time.

We feel fortunate to be a leading company in a space that is expanding exponentially as the days go past.

More and more people are using the internet, Google, social media and other websites than ever before. This number is only going to grow as children are now growing up with access to the internet and mobile phones which give them access to it from anywhere

Our services

It was always important for us to offer a range of specialist services from our agency. We have met so many people in our time that can only do one aspect of the online marketing trade and that is not good enough.

So many businesses require a range of services to really get their business to the sales and revenue they need.

Just offering design or just offering design (unless extremely specialist) is not enough in our eyes. We want our clients to come to us and get several services that tie into each other and provide an excellent online marketing strategy for them moving forward.

Topping the rankings

Probably our most popular service, we can boast multiple clients as the number one position for their most popular search term according to their service/product and location. Getting to the top of Google is so powerful because it provides lasting results.

If we can get you to page one or number one for your search term you can bet that we can keep you there. Most of the battle is in getting you there in the first place.

Becoming an search engine specialist is no easy feet but we have achieved this after years of working at it to improve our skills as individuals and as a team. Many an article, podcast and video has been consumed as well as countless experiments and trials to find out what really moves the needle to make this excellent service work.

You might also be interested to hear that we have our own website projects that generate leads for our clients that we own. These websites sit at the top page of the search engines and create recurring work for our clients. 

It does not matter which industry you are in as we can apply what we know to any industry or business. This goes for local, national and international search terms. We have software that can help us deduce how difficult the search term you are trying to conquer is as well as the timeframe involved.

Us offering multiple services like website development helps your case as we can take care of the whole process. Being able to get to the top of Google encompasses multiple skills to perform correctly and we cover all of the bases.

All the techniques we use are white hat (as opposed to black hat – which means to purposely deceit Google’s guidelines to try and improve rankings) so Google likes all of the measures we take to rise our clients through the search engines. Using black hat techniques is a surefire way of getting to the top of Google but only for a limited period of time.

mobile phone with number one trophy on it

Website design and development

Design and development of websites has been part of our service offering since the start. To carry out a service like search engine optimisation you are going to need a broad understanding of development otherwise you will be forever outsourcing tasks to other people to make changes to your website. Our in-house coders have been working with HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, Magneto, eCommerce platforms and website builders for decades of years combined. There is not really much that we cannot design or create about a website. However, our philosophy is to keep it simple.

On the design front, we are always designing websites for our own or client projects. Getting the design right is all about understanding the business and the customer that might buy your product or service.

We base your website design all around these two key features. Having the best search engine optimisation in the world is no good if your website is not geared up to convert the potential customers visiting your website.

Paid ads

Paid ads can be an excellent solution for many companies. The benefit of paid ads is that they can start with the click of a mouse.

With something search engine optimisation you are often waiting several months for results.

Although paid ads can offer a lower overall ROI than search engine optimisation, there is something to be said about getting your ad out there quickly. We work with all of the popular paid ads like Google Adwords pay per click (PPC), Facebook ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads and Twitter ads.

We simply use whatever will align best with your business.

Content marketing

Content marketing is great for telling your customer about what you are doing and how you can help them. There are so many uses for content marketing

. You can use content on your website to help your Google ranking (as well as tell potential customers more and more about your business) as well as post content through social media.

Posting content through social media is a way of engaging with existing customers and new customers as well as keeping your company fresh in people’s minds.

Graphic design

All businesses need some sort of graphic design.

This could vary from some fancy designs on a website right the way through to a full brand make over including logos, business cards, vehicle signage, uniform and more.

Graphics are essential in this visual world and we have award winning members of the team that can make incredible graphics for your business.