Web Developer Derby

Web development is all about creating and maintaining websites.

We have another page on design which is often confused with development – design is how the website looks and development is actually building and creating the website.

n other words a website designer is a bit like an architect and a developer is like the builder who creates the house.

HTML5 code

What do you need?

Whether you need a brand new project completed from scratch (including design) or just some additions to a website that already exists – we can do both.

We have been designing and developing sites since we ever started out in offering an online marketing service.

We also extend our service to other design and development companies.

If you have hit a roadblock with any development issues we can help you out.

Also, we work on most platforms. From Magneto, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, site builders and the rest – we can use them all. We have multiple developers all with different and overlapping skills.

Responsive design

In this day and age, all websites need to be responsive. Websites are no longer only viewed from a desktop. A responsive design means that the website reshapes itself according to the size of the platform the website is being viewed from.

This means we will create your website to ‘fit’ a tablet and phone. If someone views your website from a phone, the website will shape itself according to the phone size and still function as it should.

Responsive designs are absolutely essential and you should run a mile from someone that proposes making a company website that is not responsive. Mobile users have now overtaken desktop users.

On top of this, Google will penalise your website’s ranking performance if not mobile friendly. Not optimising your website is telling Google that you are not excellent at answering customer queries and following their instructions on how to make an excellent customer serving website.


For those that want to sell a product online, an eCommerce website is likely the best way to proceed.

An eCommerce website is able to accept secure payments and transactions in exchange for a product. A lot of other websites can simply describe products or services.

An eCommerce site needs far more functionality in that customers will need to make accounts, wish lists and of course actually make a purchase online. Further to that, you might want features like different price points for different users, product customisation and varied delivery options.

Thankfully, the open sourced software we use to create our eCommerce websites allow us to integrate these features. We are experts are working with the most popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Most of our clients don’t know where to start with what they should be doing. Don’t worry about that though – we will simply use the best platform according to your needs and goals.

Combining eCommerce with other online marketing strategies becomes a really powerful tool. Something like SEO or AdWords can drive relevant and targeted traffic to your website.

Then, the design of the website is geared up to show that your customers can trust you and entice them to purchase your product.

Why our development service

Our development service encompasses all of the basics and essentials you could want. That is, we can work in most any type of platform to create most any type of website.

With a strong background in design, our coders can make excellent website solutions for all sorts of businesses.

Another great reason to choose us is that we can do virtually everything related to online marketing right here in house.

It is not always convenient to have your marketing spread out between five companies. It’s much easier for you to pick a company that can give you everything you need at the timescales you expect.

A third key reason is that we are personable people.

We won’t hide behind our computer screens only sending you emails to communicate. 

We are business people that want to grow your top line.

Coming into your business and really understanding it is important to us.

Without really understanding your business, the way it works and how your customers think – we would not be able to provide an excellent service.

We make it our business to really know what you need and why.