Web Developer Jobs Derby

Looking for a job in development? You are in the right place! We are looking to hire a talented website developer with at least three years of industry experience.

For us, the most important thing (other than industry experience) is your character.

Getting the right person for our web developer in Derby position is the most important thing and the right person does not always necessarily have the exact skills we want them to have. However, the right candidate would need to have skills in HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, SEO skills at least. 

two iPhones

Who is the right character?

The right character is someone that wants to grow alongside our growing company.

You would need to be someone that is extremely driven to do well in life and to contribute towards something else.

We would not welcome anyone that simply wants to ‘make it to the next day’ but wants to maximise every minute of every hour in their life.

This is the way we work and this is why we have become a success relatively quickly.

We believe that it is not how many years you have been working for but the amount you have achieved in the amount of time you have been working for.

Speed kills in the world of business and we are looking for someone that works fast and can get things done.

Hopefully that does not sound too brash but we believe that statement to be true.

Why our company?

We believe our company is an excellent place to work for as we treat our team brilliantly.

As long as everyone is investing their time and effort as they should, the atmosphere at work is a great place to be around.

The team is a team in every sense of the word.

We do things out of work together.

We work on side projects and help our employees out with their goals and aspirations.

We go to events together and so on.

All in all, we are certain that the right person will love working for our company and we look forward to this person stepping forward and growing alongside us.